Synergia is proud to have the most experienced and motivated team in North America. We are always looking for talented, experienced people to add to our team. We believe that having a good, motivated and dedicated team is the key to the success our company. If you are interested in being part of Synergia where, each employee of is asked to be at his/her best to serve our customers in a participatory approach that promotes creativity and cooperation, then please send your resume to danim@synergauto.com.

   Current Opportunities

Product Design - Modeler 3

Commodity- Clay Sculpting

Contact: ldennis@synergauto.com

Cost Analyst Senior

Commodity- Cost Estimating/Negotiation

Contact: ldennis@synergauto.com

Seat Engineer

Commodity- Complete Seat System

Contact: vstaples@synergauto.com

KBE Engineer

Commodity- Body Closure Doors(3D)- Parametric Methodology

Contact: vstaples@synergauto.com

Interior- Systems and Components Cost Engineer

Commodity- Steering Columns/Intermediate Shafts/Cross Car Beams(Casting/Stamping/Welding)

Contact: vstaples@synergauto.com

Vehicle Cost Engineer

Commodity- Body/Chassis/Seats

Contact: vstaples@synergauto.com

Interior- Systems and Components Tool/Process Cost Engineer

Commodity- Carpets/Floor Mats/NVH Pads/Vehicle Trunk Trim Interior Components

Contact: vstaples@synergauto.com

Injection Mold Designer

Commodity-  Automotive, Aerospace

Contact: danim@synergauto.com

Transformer Designer

Commodity- 600V Class Dry-Type Transformer

Contact: danim@synergauto.com